Why Outdoor Living Good For You

If you have been cooped up inside of your rooms for days on end at the time of reading this note, then it might be perfectly understandable. Lock-down restrictions may be lifted for now but many readers may wish to continue to take a more than cautious approach. There are continuing rumors that a second, even third wave of COVID-related infections may be on the way. But here’s the thing. All outdoor living rooms lexington ky installations have not been put on hold.

And just as long as you are within the picket-fence lines of your own property, you and your family should be just fine. It might require you to make a few sacrifices here and there just to be on the safe side. Like cancelling all social calls for now. That means no more weekend barbecues with friends for the foreseeable future. And no entertaining in your new outdoor living room. But none of this is going to prevent you from enjoying yourself in your garden and your new outdoor living room.

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Make use of this opportunity because in any case, outdoor living is very good for you indeed. Your body needs fresh air and a bit of the sunshine at least two hours of the day. Just remember what it was like before the pandemic. Many of you were so preoccupied with work, all working long hours most of the time. And by the time you got home at night, all you wanted to do was crash on the couch and watch a bit of TV.

That’s okay if you’re doing an hour every other evening but not when it’s become all night vigils night in and night out. Outdoor living is also very good for your mental wellbeing, particularly now.

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